Why are we afraid of our abundance?

Abundance – economic, health, well-being – is one of the goals that most people set out to achieve in its incarnation … but that few people touch.

Why do most people miss something so positive?

There are many and multifaceted reasons why abundance escapes from the fingers, but we are only interested in those of an unconscious order, which can be worked on by the holistic disciplines, ThetaHealing ® in the head.

Our personal supercomputer, that is, the brain, accumulates a whole series of limiting beliefs related to abundance that boycott it in every way. And that you will hardly see, because most are unconscious. Some children grow up, being told that “the rich steal” or that “if you do not graduate, you will never find a job that earns you” or that “the Bible says it is better to be poor”, making them develop related ideas to “not being worthy”, “not being deserving”, “not being good for …”, which settle for years, if not for a lifetime.

In reality, society itself, by adapting to these lower standards, typical of the Overton Window, has led to consider it normal that 1% of the world population holds the greatest wealth.

What the manipulations of the system omit is that the world is rich, that there is wealth and abundance for everyone, and that it is not true that for every rich man there must be a thousand or a million poor. Or that for every healthy person, others must be sick.

The same argument can be applied to the time to devote: you don’t have any, perhaps because you work too much and work too much so that you don’t have the time to devote to you. A dog that bites its tail, because perhaps, having time, you would understand that the road you are taking is not the right one and that maybe you are in the dark night of the soul.

Another situation: you are very good at accumulating abundance, but then it always happens that you lose everything. A fine, a sudden expense, a mishap cause what you had earned out of your fingers: in this case, beliefs are often centered on the idea that wealth can be stolen and that it is better to stay in your own backyard, so as not to be robbed. , betrayed or even killed (!). If this happened in some previous life, today it may be the cause of your inability to hold onto and manage abundance.

Or your subconscious might sow the doubt that if you get rich you could use what you have to fulfill your life missions and that once you do, then you could die.

Sounds absurd, right? Yet, if you are a Thetahealer, you know that these situations arise on a daily basis …

If you feel that what I have written resonates in you, that you boycott you in reaching any kind of abundance or you do not know why it always eludes you, then you can try to work your unconscious beliefs with ThetaHealing ® , a very powerful tool that will help you change. Your Life.

And whether it’s a session or a course , your change can begin… immediately!

If you want to know more, contact me and I will be happy to help you or you can take part in the lesson dedicated to this topic by clicking HERE


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