It is not easy to explain what is actually happening at this precise moment in history.

We are in the Kali Yuga, of which the Vedas tell us: it is the last of the Yugas of a certain period (which are always four in all), the one in which by definition, for example, one is ruled by people who are not inclined to wisdom, while intelligent ones are excluded from society.

It is not a personal thought, but one of the many characteristics of Kali Yugaand it is up to us to understand whether or not it adheres to the reality of now.

Surely, you will have noticed that people are more and more “tight” in a grip of constraints that actually reflect the constraints they feel within themselves; in fact, if everyone creates his own reality, as quantum physics tells us and how does the ThetaHealing ® together with all the other holistic disciplines, it is we who have contributed to the manifestation of figures that take away a piece of freedom from us every day (always taking into account that freedom is inalienable and if it is taken away from us, perhaps it was not even freedom before …).

Why do we allow it? Because with each squeeze, an awakening circuit is created.

Have you noticed, talking to people, how many are those whose eyes sparkle because in the end they are able to “see” what is really happening? Well, there are more and more.

With each squeeze, more and more. Now, it’s time to take action within yourself, on your own awakening. But if you feel oppression, anxiety, fear of tomorrow, fear for you and your loved ones, depression, lack of hope for the future or prostration, you are probably going through “the dark night of the soul” …

The dark night of the soul

In ThetaHealing®, the “dark night of the soul” is a signal that is sent to us by our Higher Self to indicate that we are going in the opposite direction to the mission we should accomplish. As bad as it can be, the “dark night of the soul” is a very useful warning: think if you lived your whole life on the wrong tracks without any warning that what you are doing is not good? You would keep reincarnating always making the same mistakes, life after life, in one loop incessant, how useless … By taking advantage of this period, however, however dark it may be, working on you you will only be able to go back to the light, because the “dark night of the soul” is the lowest point of despair that can be reached , the one beyond which it is not possible to descend.

If you feel you are at this point (and the forces at play on the planet are doing everything for most humans to experience it), reach out to someone who can help you see what is happening to you. Be it a psychotherapist or a thetahealer like me, allow yourself to experience this dark period as the prelude to the return to light with the help of someone who will guide you towards that little light that you can hardly see now, but which will soon become a beacon, if you have faith and trust that everything you it is happening, it is happening to teach you something that will be fundamental for you.

We are in a dual world, in which conflict is the order of the day: instead of letting ourselves be overwhelmed, let’s exploit it to better understand the mechanisms underlying the human being and to find new solutions that lead us towards a very different future from that that the system, at present, would like us to live.

If you have doubts, questions, uncertainties, do not hesitate to contact me: everyone experiences the dark night of the soul, but not everyone has the strength to ask for help. This, perhaps, is the biggest mistake that can be made, when we now know that every being in the Universe is connected to all the others in a wonderful and divine symphony and that we can always find the help we need, as long as to make the effort to ask for it!


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