We all know that the human being uses very little of the brain: those who speak of 5%, who of 10%, all percentages that show that the very powerful computer we have at our disposal is not well exploited. A bit like buying one of the latest generation, with a lot of ram and data processing capacity, and using it as an arithmetic calculator to add and subtract …

In that 90% (or 95%) of unexpressed gray matter, there are areas unexplored by science, but not by those accustomed to holistic disciplines and not even by psychologists and psychotherapists, who know that in the most hidden places of the mind there are parts of self that the human being does not know. Parts that hide unconscious blocks, repressed fears, dormant knowledge.

In ThetaHealing ® , the levels at which one works to probe oneself are four and, among these, lies the subconscious level, while the others are the genetic, the historical and the soul level.

When you have an irrational fear, for example of emptiness or height, which you cannot associate with a well-present trauma, it usually lurks in the unconscious.

When there are prejudices towards other races, religions, towards the other sex or different cultures, which do not originate from a remembered trauma, then these too arise from the unconscious, that is, from events recorded when one was very young, or inherited. from the family tree or from previous lives.

The unconscious is a wonderful and fertile ground, but sometimes dark . To make it work to our advantage, and not against us – that is, by illuminating the shaded areas – we can use the powerful tool of the excavation of the ThetaHealing® to understand the origin of any limitation whose motivation is not immediately understood, in order to eliminate it and replace it with an empowering thought or belief.

Gradually, what was hidden and (in fact) unconscious begins to reveal itself, allowing us to access unexplored areas of our being and getting more and more in contact with our purest essence.

We must measure ourselves with the unconscious in every life : if we do not pay attention to it today, it will ask for it tomorrow, proposing similar situations to us, until a real work on us will allow that unlocking, fundamental to continue in a fulfilling and, above all, worthy life. to be lived.

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