In my training, I have learned different techniques that allow me to be able to work on the unconscious level as well as on the physical and energetic level.

Each individual is unique, which is why I use each discipline alone or in combination with others to create a personalized experience.

ThetaHealing Session - -

ThetaHealing® Session

A ThetaHealing® session is called an Excavation, because it is a true descent into the depths of the unconscious.

TUTORING ThetaHealing® - -

Tutoring ThetaHealing®

Tutoring allows you to have one-on-one counseling regarding the theoretical and/or practical part about the ThetaHealing technique


Numerology Reading

Numerology reading with your birth date grid, your destiny number and more


Astrological Reading

Know which astrological influences are most important in the various areas of your life, strengthen the positive aspects and balance the negative ones.

reiki- Gabriele Vico


Balancing chakras, releasing emotional toxins are the basis of this technique

Seat 4R - -

4R™ Technique

It is used to process negative emotional shocks that have been stored in our brains.

regressions with crystals - -

Regression with Crystals

A journey through past lives to go and pinpoint precisely when and how certain limiting beliefs arose

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