ThetaHealing Session - -

With theThetaHealing®

The individual sessions represent a path of awareness that the client carries out with my help.

What happens during a session?

After listening to the reason why the client turned to me, we begin together an in-depth work on fears, limiting beliefs, blocks that are tested on a subconscious level with some kinesiological tests and then worked and solved with ThetaHealing®.

In about an hour, the problems and unconscious traumas that, in most cases, originate in childhood, are dealt with in order to “close them” at an energetic level, after understanding what information or teaching they had to bring you.

WithThetaHealing® + Reiki

During a Reiki session, the client finds the balance of his seven chakras, the main energy centers. To this technique I combine healing through ThetaHealing® and the energy of crystals, in order to amplify the relaxing effect typical of Reiki.

Individual session on the astrological birth chart

An individual session on the birth chart helps, through the ThetaHealing® excavation, to work on the zodiac signs and on the planets that characterize the present incarnation of the person.

Presentation video

ThetaHealing Session - -
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