I wanted to include some of the testimonies I have received over the years of working as a holistic counselor in individual sessions and courses. I thank the people who have contributed and will contribute to the creation of this page.

Gabriel is a unique person, and you can tell as soon as you talk to him.
He is a true professional with a 360 degree training and thanks to his ThetaHealing treatments I have known this very powerful form of healing. Each meeting is different and unique… absolutely worth trying.


I started a path of change with Gabriele and I immediately felt at ease on all the aspects that I put in place. I found in him a non-judgmental person, patient and very deep in understanding the negative dynamics of some of my experiences with the utmost competence and kindness in working and releasing them. A fantastic teacher who delves into every aspect of what he explains. VERY recommend his in-depth lessons that he teaches. Thanks Gabriel for your work


An online meeting about a difficult time in my life…with the Thetahealing technique…at the time unknown to me…
Everything has been evolving since that moment, I started to work more and more on myself with Gabriele to participate in his courses ,until today to become my work that I transformed from what I was to what I instead want to become…
Thanks to my teacher and this path of evolution thanks to thetahealing thanks to all that I was able to learn ,thanks to what still has to come in my life !!! every course has a path where knowledge becomes your being ,insertions always perfect ,perfect as is the creation …and who has made available this technique ,his experience ,knowledge and knowing how to communicate it with love ,where it allows us to look more and more who we really are !!!
Thank you Gabriele Vico


I first encountered Thetahealing in 2016/2017 where I had followed a fairly long path with another healer. I had achieved improvements but never as much as I did with Gabriel’s help! Since 2021, since I started Thetahealing sessions with him, there have been major changes in my life and I am deeply grateful. Gabriel has an intense connection with the Creator of everything and with his enthusiasm, his positivity, his optimism, his sunny disposition everything is easier. Also very nice is his questioning and sharing his experiences with us that are inspiring and hopeful. His energy touched me deeply enough to fall in love with Thetahealing and begin a training path, as I in turn wish to be able to support people as Gabriel has supported me. Thank you


I wanted to thank Gabriele because in individual sessions he put me at ease, made me feel worthy of making changes, and where I struggled to give answers, he explained clearly and simply the reason for my beliefs without judging me or making me feel guilty. Finally, he gave me valuable practical advice on how to put the changes made through the excavations into practice. Thank you, thank you, thank you


I found Gabriele’s name on the Internet; I did not know him. I wanted to try a Thetahealing session with him in the ONLINE version, not living near his studio. I had a great time because he immediately made me feel comfortable, and even though the topic we dealt with was very personal, he helped me find the underlying problem. After this session I continued with him on this path of sessions to get out of negative personal dynamics. I embarked, later on, on the path of Thetahealing with courses, and here, too, I noted Gabriele’s tremendous preparation as a teacher. Sincere thanks for your work!


A great teacher, his classes are always an extra enrichment, attentive to everyone’s needs and available for explanations, even multiple times!


Very knowledgeable, sunny, very humble, helpful, impresses his not judging anything and anyone ! Highly recommended !


The basic DNA course I took with Gabriele made me understand and appreciate his preparation, care and gentleness in introducing us neophytes to this excellent holistic technique. He made us feel at ease thus fostering the openness needed to learn and share this journey


Gabriele is a great teacher, patient! He knows how to explain very special topics in a simple way allowing everyone to understand and transpose! I am proud to be his student and will definitely continue the Thetahealing® study path with him!


The first thing that strikes one is his great (self) irony that immediately puts one at ease. He is a highly trained Thetahealer and an outstanding teacher!
Patient, welcoming, very humble, helpful and a thousand other things….
If you want to change with a smile he is the one!!!


What about Gabriele wonderful person, competent, professional, sensitive and intuitive. In one person are grouped qualities that he , with joy and love for his work , makes available to help others.


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