Who knows the ThetaHealing® knows what to expect from this holistic discipline, but for those who have “accidentally” (and the case does NOT exist) on this page or are inquiring about the technique, I think it is important to explain why, today, there are millions of certified Thetahealers around the world and more and more people turning to them for help through sessions.

So let’s see in detail what happens when you turn to a Thetahealer.

Usually, those who ask the architect, doctor, engineer, lawyer and so on for help, do so because they have a problem and want the professional to solve it. The approach with the ThetaHealing® and with the other holistic disciplines it is slightly different.

It starts in the same way: my clients come to me with a problem to solve; the session begins with his presentation and continues with some of my questions. This dialogue focuses on the primal reasons (those that the client fails to see) that created the disorder: they are always fears, traumas or blocks rooted in the unconscious that can be traced back to childhood, the family tree or (for who believes it) to previous lives.

In realtà, every “problem” is a real symptom of something deeper that must be solved.

Therefore, one should not be afraid to face one’s own difficulties, because that is precisely the main way to eliminate the cause of the affliction, even if this is often difficult to see or painful to approach.

So what is the difference between this work and that of other professionals working in non-holistic fields?

The real difference is that the Thetahealer does NOT solve the problems of others, but helps in their resolution. His is a work of accompaniment towards the solution, so that the problem never occurs again.

This can happen because the holistic disciplines, endorsed by quantum physics, explain to us that every episode in our life, every thought, every word we pronounce or action we perform depends on us and helps us to grow (even if it often doesn’t seem …). Everyone has within themselves the power to resolve any situation that arises and the Thetahealer (like those who practice other holistic disciplines) represents the guide that helps on this resolutive path.

Ultimately, if you contact an architect because you want a new house, he will design it for you, but if you need another house, you will have to start from scratch, contacting the professional again, because you haven’t learned how to do it.

If you turn to a Thetahealer, he will guide you towards identifying the true origin of your problem – the one that resides in a dark corner of your subconscious – he will show it to you and help you eradicate it, but he will not do it “for you”, he will do it “with you”, so that the problem does not recur.

In short, it will show you how to do it, as if you were following an architect step-by-step in the design of your home and learning the construction technique to immediately identify the weak points on which to intervene.

And if you want to deepen the subject even more and become independent in solving your problems, you can follow the ThetaHealing® seminars!

I hope this description of the session was helpful to you, but if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

see you soon


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