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ThetaHealing® is a holistic channeled discipline by Vianna Stibal in 1995, during a period of her great suffering due to hip cancer.

Through the use of a brief but very effective meditation, Vianna witnessed her healing, which she describes as follows: “In 1995, I received an instant cure from cancer through the Creator of all that is.”

As you can easily guess, such an experience marked her life and led her to understand how the connection with the Universal Energy (which in this technique is defined Creator of all that is) is THE means for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical healing.

But how does ThetaHealing work? – The theta waves

Like all holistic disciplines, ThetaHealing® does not teach something that did not exist before, but encodes it in such a way that everyone can understand and use it.

Vianna realized that intuition (our true talent) manifests itself more easily when the brain emits theta waves (ϑ), between 4 and 7 Hz, that is, those of the REM sleep phase. These waves are healing vibrations because they allow sleepers to experience sensations, to remember, to relieve stress, to reduce pain, to promote the release of endorphins, synchronizing the two hemispheres of the brain.

On the other hand, we all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep!

By working with theta waves, which the brain reaches with a short meditation, it is possible to modify and change unconscious programming, eliminating them and resolving them positively.

According to the ThetaHealing® technique, in fact, people’s suffering derives from programming that is recorded in the brain (which is a very powerful computer) on the basis of four levels: subconscious, genetic, historical and soul.

Every day starting from the prenatal period, the experiences leave a “seed” in the unconscious brain: this seed can germinate until it becomes a fear, a block, a limitation, creating the reality in which one lives. But not only: the “seeds” are inherited from the ancestors and from the collective unconscious, so it is difficult to understand the cause of one’s malaise if you are not ready to accept that it can also come from very far, far back than childhood.

Today, holistic disciplines find their scientific explanation in quantum physics and are no longer considered “sorcerers’ things” or worse.

For example, it is now established that each person is responsible for their own life, because they are co-creators (take a tour on the web and you will find many experiments in this regard).

By understanding fears, blocks and shocks, we can change them on an energetic level, creating a whole new reality, certainly better because it is more mature and aware.

Like all holistic disciplines, ThetaHealing® also owes a lot to quantum mechanics as well as kinesiology, which allowed it to reach millions of people, many of whom are now practitioners or teachers.

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