You may have noticed it (or maybe you will start doing it now), but in life there may be patterns that repeat themselves from childhood, for example in relationships with people. Friendships or love stories that all end in the same way, jobs that all crash in the same way, accidents that repeat themselves. When you are lucky enough to notice it, you often spend time wondering why , without ever taking action to find the cause, certainly unconscious.

Analyzing, cleaning up the unconscious, working on limiting beliefs and repeating patterns should be the leitmotif of this period. I tell you, because a very favorable astrological transit is coming that brings with it a lot of energy. From May to October 2022, Jupiter will transit in Aries , thus bringing the double energy of expansion, as regards the planet, and affirmation, as regards the zodiac sign.

This energy, if well exploited, is useful for helping to create something new and for renewing oneself internally and in every area of life.

But for this to happen, it is necessary to eliminate the patterns I was talking about before, together with the blocks that are hindering you in the realization of your goals.

Let’s take an example, related to work, a topic that interests many.

Let’s imagine that you want to change jobs : first of all, you will have to clarify yourself, to understand exactly what job you want, because it certainly cannot be one by chance. So you risk repeating the pattern you are running away from (a job you don’t love).

You will then have to ask yourself if you have the skills to do the job of your dreams and, if not, think about an educational path. Otherwise, you can begin to select the companies to which you could send your application.

All these actions, however, would be useless, if you did not work on your unconscious first, because the unassembled pattern would repeat itself , transforming your dream job into an unattainable goal.

It all depends on us , on our conscious side, but much more on the unconscious side. Seeing it, getting to know it, re-elaborating it, relieving it of traumas and limiting beliefs, are fundamental actions for success in all fields of life, from personal to work, up to the spiritual one.

The ThetaHealing ® technique is very useful for identifying and cleaning up everything that is blocking you: if you feel that it could help you too, do not hesitate to contact me to finally start a new life path!

If you want to know more, contact me and I will be happy to help you or you can participate in the lesson dedicated to this topic, both live and deferred, by clicking HERE


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