Why do people not exploit their potential, but remain in the comfort zone?

Yeah, why?

Why, if each person is endowed with their own virtues and abilities, very often they do not use them, but prefer to remain in “normality”? Why, often, the drive towards an activity, for example, a non-permanent or non-“institutionalized” activity (therefore, with the presence in an office), even if it exercises a great appeal, is neglected or suffocated?

The answer lies in the lack of responsibility … and courage .

What does responsibility have to do with it, you ask. Indeed, having an indefinite commitment, perhaps state, that is a security, a responsible choice!

But are we really sure?

Of course, we are not pointing out any kind of work as right or wrong here, but always keep in mind that doing what we really feel is part of us and that can be a job, a hobby or a volunteer activity – just to do. some examples – if it goes beyond “normality” it attracts the judgment of others, often unsustainable for many people.

Furthermore, the choice itself is a personal responsibility.

In fact, many justify sloth and “being lukewarm” by being told to “do so”. For example: “I wanted to be a singer, but my parents forced me to continue the family business”, “I would have liked to spend time helping animals in difficulty, but (they told me that) I have to work and not I have time “,” I wanted to make friends with that person, but (they told me that) it is not good for me “, etc … The truth is that these are excuses that hide the lack of the first virtue ever, that is the courage .

When courage (and audacity) is lacking, any autonomous choice is precluded, responsibility is avoided and, consequently, also exploiting one’s potential to carry out actions that could lead to clashes with family, friends, society becomes impossible.

If you have decided that all this generates inner discomfort and that the solution is no longer wallowing in the depths of the comfort zone, but venturing towards the open and deep sea, then the time has come to work on the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from carrying out your life missions, preventing you from being courageous and responsible.

How to do? But with holistic disciplines, of course, and with ThetaHealing ® in particular!

If you want to have a session or know everything about the courses of this fantastic spiritual practice , contact me now and I will be happy to show you a new world, in which to find the real you.


Beyond Yourself!


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