Abundance is often seen as a surplus of material goods and money, but in fact it is anything but: in its broadest sense it is a state of being that is not only about wealth, but about everything beautiful and rewarding: being rich in healthy interpersonal relationships, being healthy, experiencing predominantly positive emotions, etc.

Only when individuals are fulfilled and grateful for what they have in their lives can they concretely experience the feeling of living in abundance, and this isConscious Abundance.

Otherwise, if this perception of gratitude is absent, the person lives in a constant state of lack and discontent, regardless of his or her actual situation.

This explains why, for example, even people with large assets suffer from unhappiness and often live in fear of not having enough or losing everything.

The important thing is not to confuse Being grateful for what one has with being content with what one has: in the former case we predispose the unconscious mind, and the energy field, to attract more into our lives for which to be grateful, while in the latter we block the flow of abundance as a defense mechanism due to unconscious blockages (often stemming from the family tree and the collective unconscious).

So what can you do to understand whether your desires are geared toward Conscious Abundance or are the result of a tendency to focus on what you lack?

To understand this you need to ask yourself a question: why do I desire in my life this thing?

The answer often comes to you after intense self-analysis because the deep reasons for desires are often masked by something else.

Let me give you an example to show you what I mean.

One of the things you might want is a villa with a pool. Certainly it is a legitimate desire, but if you go and analyze the motivations well, what are they? What does the villa with a pool represent to you? The improvement of your social status in front of others? Proof that you have success and money? A revenge against someone? How could it concretely improve your life? Would that make you happy? What would you have to give up to get it or to keep it once you got it?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself, and the answers you can give yourself can give you an indication of the real need you have with respect to this particular desire.

In conclusion, the villa with swimming pool could be for you a desire related to lack, not only material, but especially emotional related to not feeling enough compared to the people you compare yourself with. Instead, true abundance, the conscious abundance, would lead you to desire a home suited to your needs that, once obtained, would be a constant source of satisfaction and gratitude for you.

Another thing I want you to think about is the “Magic Wand Syndrome,” that is, the tendency of most people when it comes to abundance (and beyond), to imagine that every wish materializes as if by magic without any kind of concrete action.

This kind of vision generally leads to only one consequence: the disappointment of expectations.

In order to achieve abundance, whether economic or any other kind, you need to take some basic steps:

  • Carefully evaluate your motivation for wanting a particular thing first (as we saw earlier)
  • Calmly, objectively, and sensibly analyze your situation to understand what tools you already have and what tools you lack to achieve your goal or get what you want
  • Persevere without losing hope at the first obstacle or hitch
  • Work on yourself, independently or by getting help from experienced professionals, to remove blocks at the unconscious and energetic levels that may be hindering your abundance

No magic wand then, just awareness and commitment.

In my personal experience, Conscious Abundance is achieved through an individual path of analysis and growth, which is different for each individual, and is an important achievement in order to have a peaceful and balanced existence and to be able to carry out one’s life plans.

I wish you well in finding your way to Conscious Abundance, and if you need help in doing so, my experience and knowledge are at your disposal.


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