“Being in Seventh Heaven” it is a very common expression that indicates extreme joy and happiness.

But why exactly in Seventh Heaven? If you are in Thetahealer you already have the answer; if you are not, Vianna Stibal (but not only her, because the division by seven is very common on the esoteric level) tells us that the Universe is divided into seven planes and that the last one, which includes them all, is that of the “Creator of all that is” and also what we get to with Theta meditation.

During Planes of existenceall seven of these planes are explored: where they are located, by whom they are inhabited, how to know them and how to master them. From the first level of the crystals to the last, passing through the level of plants, human beings, souls, etc … you will discover the order of the Universe, how to contact the angels and your family of souls, how to use the grid of crystals, like entering the kāśa record archive, where all knowledge is contained.

Furthermore, you will discover the Laws that are on the Sixth Floor, those that govern the evolution of the Universe and that are unquestionable: precisely because they are laws they must, in fact, be respected, but – if known in depth – they can be used, always with a pure intent of heart.

Thanks to all this new knowledge, making future excavations and having insights will be easier, because the channel of connection with the Seventh Floor will “clean” allowing you to have a stable and crystalline contact.

Planes of existence is one of the most advanced seminars in ThetaHealing® it will lead you to discover how the Universe is really “made” and how to agree to its perfection to live by carrying out your divine missions.


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