ThetaHealing® tecnique you learn through different courses that explain the mechanisms, going deeper and deeper, to discover your own belief system that often forces you to make decisions not already in a free way (as you might think), but – for example – because unknowingly ” driven “by traumas that occurred in childhood, by inheritance in the genetic code or even by events in previous lives.

Venture into the world ofThetaHealing® therefore means regain their freedom: that of having convictions, yes, but dictated by a whole new perspective, that of the Source, which makes us aware of who we are and of the missions we have accepted to carry out in this incarnation.

There is no obligation to follow the courses after the first, but if you want to proceed through the fascinating paths of the ThetaHealing® seminars basic DNAAdvanced DNA e Dig Deeper – they are the basis from which everything begins. That is, they provide you with those tools that will enable you to observe differently and change what is blocking you.

We could say that:

“After participating in the BASIC DNA seminar, I began to understand why I make certain choices in my life and how to change the perception and the negative feelings related to them.” P. O.

“After the ADVANCED DNA seminar, having received the numerous insertions, I felt a real change in my emotional and relational life.” M. V.

  • TheDig Deeper seminar represents the first step towards a truly conscious and self-focused work

“The DIG DEEPER seminar opened new horizons to me on the processes of the unconscious and on the best way to work on them.” C. A.

But what happens after these seminars? How do you feel?

Of course, feeling is always very subjective, but after seminars that use energy (whatever the holistic technique used), something changes, moves, changes.

And, fortunately, I would add!

If we followed all these seminars to stay as before, we would defeat any propensity for change.

Feeling the emotions that come to the surface is a great indicator of how we are working.

In the Basic DNA manual it is written that, at the end of the seminar, it is possible to have a cold: this happens because a cold, like some other small malaise, can indicate that a purification is in progress that is eliminating toxins, making them come out of the body.

However, you must not be scared, because – if you know how to listen to yourself and listen to them – you will realize that, in the end, these “discomforts” leave room for a new and positive feeling: that wonderful awareness that something is really, even physically, changing for the better. in your life and that you have started a path that will lead you to discover yourself and the meaning of your life!

Thanks and see you soon with a new article!


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