ThetaHealing® it is a holistic practice that we could define as progressive, in which each course represents a deepening of the previous ones, in a path that the founder Vianna Stibal has guessed is the best one for her learning.

But not only…

In fact, if on the one hand knowledge and skills related to the field of intuition, excavation, reading and all techniques are refined ThetaHealing® that you learn to start with BASIC DNA seminar, on the other hand – at each seminar – new horizons open up, thanks to topics that are shared with those who – by attending advanced courses – acquire more and more familiarity with the technique

What is new in the DNA3 seminar?

DNA 3 it is currently one of the most advanced seminar in the ThetaHealing® and during its five days of development you will discover details and specificities that will take you to “another level” in this holistic practice.

Some anticipation for you

In the human body there are three molecules called “eternal”, because the soul carries them with it to each incarnation. The first is called the pineal gland and is activated during the courseBasic DNA; the second is located behind the fourth chakra, at heart level, and is activated with the song of the heart during the Intuitive Anatomy course; the third is located at the height of the coccyx and has always been active, because it is the one that allows us to read and connect with past livese.

A bit like it happens with the chakras, even these molecules may not be aligned or move at different speeds: the ThetaHealing® DNA 3 seminar teaches you to master, align and balance them.

The main benefit of this alignment is the activation of the light body which helps you to be more intuitive and more capable of getting to the bottom of the readings, being also more effective in healing.

Furthermore, during this seminar you will learn how to “enter” another person to work within him thanks to your expansion. And you will also learn to change the past – when the Creator allows you – to avoid consequences in future lives.

In short terms, it could be said that the DNA 3 seminar is another fundamental element (especially after Intuitive Anatomy) to try to unhinge the rational part of oneself and open up to possibilities that the human mind – as it has been shaped and clipped over the centuries – is no longer able to conceive or “intuit”.

Thus, after this seminar, opening up to the impossible will become more possible than ever!

If, reading this article, you have felt a particular urgency resonate in you, contact me, because I will teach this course in Bra (Cuneo) at my holistic centerHARMONIA DELLE ENERGIE, end of august !

I hope you enjoyed this article, but if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

see you soon


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