According to the psychosomatic view, physical ailments often result from trauma or unconscious beliefs that sediment through the subtle bodies reaching the physical organs. Asking where a pain or illness originated is the first step in understanding it thoroughly, working through it, and-when possible-resolving it.

To explain in detail the relationship between the unconscious and physical ailments, I have prepared a few in-depth lectures: the first four are aimed at thedigestive system.

The gut is our second brain, and its proper functioning is crucial for the whole body: anger, resentment, and difficulty “digesting” people and situations can alternate its balance, compromising quality of life.

In the first lecture, we will look at disorders affecting bowel motility-constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bow el-which, in general, are related to emotions: withholding emotions, eliminating emotional toxins, or being unable to manage emotions.

During the second evening we will instead examine the dysbiosisgut, which is related to feelings of guilt, and food intolerances which can result from food-related trauma.

The third appointment will be about the stomach: on a subconscious level it is in charge of digesting not only food but also people and situations. Emotional imbalances in this regard can lead to issues such as. Gastritis, acidity and acid reflux.

The last evening will be devoted to Liver andPancreas, delicate and very important organs in which different emotions accumulate. In the former, where the ancients placed courage (“having guts” is still a very clear expression today), anger, hatred and the tendency to hold back negative emotions and feelings can stagnate, generating toxins; in the latter, disappointments, defeats, lost battles and lack of love go.

I am waiting for you to address the digestive system together from the unconscious point of view.

If you want to know more, contact me and I will be happy to help you or you can participate in the lesson dedicated to this topic, both live and deferred, by clicking HERE


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