Why is sacrifice still the protagonist of our life?

Throughout history, religions have always presented sacrifice to us as something positive and preparatory to a result: for example, Jesus sacrificed his life amid atrocious sufferings to free human beings, a suffering that led, in fact, to something positive.

From an early age, therefore, we grow up with programs that are rooted in the unconscious and that speak to us of sacrifice: life is sacrifice; work is sacrifice; to go on you need to make sacrifices, etc.

Who, as a child, hasn’t heard these phrases spoken by parents, grandparents or adults in general?

As we know, history always repeats itself (and, in this historical period, we see it more than ever), but the fact that it repeats does not mean that it is right or correct or that it is the best way to proceed in life.

So, I want to try to offer you a little provocation.

What if the sacrifice is no longer necessary? What if it wasn’t even necessary for us to relive the same situations as our ancestors? What if life could flow without too many “sacrifices”? Have you ever thought about it? I’m sure the idea alone causes some discomfort: “Who am I not to sacrifice myself as everyone has always done before me?”.

Well, if we suspend for a moment the legacies of the past or those of the family tree and start to create new thoughts (because those about sacrifice are all old thoughts, of others, not ours, and therefore essentially unable to generate beauty), then we could finally perceive a new and interesting point of view.

Over the millennia, man has evolved from every point of view: physical, mental and spiritual (or, at least, we like to believe it …).

Then, we could be authorized to think that for primitive man, teaching went through strength and fear, simply because he was used to that, that is, he only understood that. When the times matured, the master Jesus appeared on Earth to explain to all of us that knowledge no longer had to pass through suffering, sacrifice or fear, but through Love.

Unfortunately, as his death teaches us, the teaching was not immediately understood by everyone, but today his words echo everywhere and show us how sacrifice, as it was once understood (on a shamanic level, even with the loss of parts of the body) is no longer needed. Indeed, both outdated and an obstacle to evolution.

Knowledge, today, should pass through Love, Peace, Concord; it should be something shared and special to be spread everywhere.

Times are changing, they are maturing and the chasm we are crossing is what will lead us to the light. Now is the time for change, for knowledge without resistance and for abandoning the idea that sacrifice is necessary to evolve.

I know, it is not easy to eradicate beliefs sown in childhood (or coming from the family tree or from past lives), but theThetaHealing® can do it. ThetaHealing® can help you change the unconscious beliefs that lead you to think that everything must go through sacrifice, teaching you that learning through Love is another thing entirely.

Change is taking place and letting oneself be carried away by it without resisting is the main road to rebirth.

If you wish to understand how to bring this revolution into your life, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to talk to you about it.


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