Hippocrates said Before you heal someone, ask them if they are willing to give up the things that made them sick.

The father of medicine, in fact, knew that diseases are often the result of thoughts, traumas and beliefs that do not arise from the body, but that arrive after a long “journey” that starts from the interior (spiritual, mental or emotional ) and arrives at the exterior (the physical).

ThetaHealing®, in a similar way to metamedicine (and to Hippocrates), considers this very principle as the starting point for the excavation on diseases: the beliefs of the subconscious, the traumas of childhood, those of previous lives or those coming from the family tree, with time, they crystallize and become more and more pressing until they pass from the mental and emotional dimension to the physical one, giving rise to real diseases of the body.

In his book “Diseases and Disorders”, the reference text of the homonymous course of ThetaHealing®, Vianna Stibal has posted more than 50,000 intuitive readings about people who have come to her for problems related to physical illness. We therefore speak of an extremely wide range of cases, which represent a starting point for understanding the correlation between what happened in the past and its relapse in the present moment.

The seminar DISEASES AND DISORDERit will help you understand how a thought or belief can turn into a real physical problem, because body illness represents the last bulwark in protecting the person.

When a disease develops, in fact, from a cold to something serious, the first reaction is to eradicate it, eliminate it and, possibly, forget it quickly. Surely, no one likes being sick, but if for a moment we stopped to think that that imbalance is talking and giving indications that are always for the maximum good of the person, then we would stop for a moment to listen to what he has to say.

This does not at all mean that one should not resort to traditional medicine: the Thetahealer is not a doctor (unless he also has a medical degree) and cannot give advice in this regard. However, it is possible that a perfect physical recovery may be the result of a joint work between traditional medicine and work on oneself in search of the causes – not physical – that gave rise to the disorder.

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