My name is Gabriele Vico and I am a holistic practitioner and certified Teacher and Certificate of Science ofThetaHealing®.

I live in Italy, in the province of Cuneo, where I was born and where my professional career began, which took place for about twenty years in a field very far from the holistic one: in fact, I worked for a company in the confectionery sector where I held the role of mechanical and commercial technician.

2011 put mea strain and that was the moment when I discovered ThetaHealing®, the holistic world and… myself! I started as a practitioner and I immediately fell in love with this technique, because it really works, no ifs and buts. Of course, you have to work on yourself, but the results were evident and undeniable right from the start.

For this reason, in 2018 I decided to get certified to become a ThetaHealing® teacher and help spread this holistic discipline, created by Vianna Stibal, also in Italy.

After few years my life has changed completely and, today, I am ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science Teacher! To this, I combine the knowledge and use of other holistic techniques: 4R, to work on emotional shocks; the Grabovoi technique, because – as Pythagoras said – “everything is number” and Reiki for the profound benefits of cleansing, healing and energetic charge it offers.

My penchant for listening to people and understanding the subtext and unspoken things has proved to be central to my work as a ThetaHealer.

My main base is the Holistic Center Harmonia delle Energie in Bra (Cn), where I receive for the sessions and hold most of my courses, and thanks to the knowledge of English, French and Spanish I often work with people who live abroad.