GABRIELE VICO – Theta Healer


I met the Theta Healing® when I needed it most, in a time of profound personal crisis. Through this technique, I have learned to work on my unconscious beliefs, blocks and limiting beliefs with extraordinary results.

Today, I teach Theta Healing® classes and use the technique in private sessions to help people discover their true potential by identifying and eliminating the blocks and mental patterns that prevent them from living a truly fulfilling life.

a dream is your dream, the one you came into the world for, you can spend a lifetime hiding it behind a cloud of skepticism, but you will never be able to get rid of it. will continue to send you desperate signals, such as boredom and lack of enthusiasm, trusting in your rebellion (from Make beautiful dreams by M. Gramellini)




The Classes

The ThetaHealing® technique is learned through a path divided into specific courses to bring and increase the awareness of who we are and how we can change through the work on unconscious beliefs.

2022 will be an eventful year

Private section

During the individual sessions I use all the techniques that I learned to help people solve unconscious blocks and fears through a path of awareness.

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